Wednesday, 3 June 2015

It's a Western Conspiracy!

Further to Sepp's resignation...

...which apparently means "carry on as usual until we can be arsed to elect someone else", Vladimir Putin has condemned the whole FIFA investigation as a "Western Conspiracy". I wonder why that could be? Nothing to do with the 2018 World Cup being fraudulently awarded to Russia then?

Vladimir Putin and Sepp Blatter are apparently good friends.

Sepp Blatter is under investigation by both the FBI and the Swiss authorities for various financial misdemeanours and I'm still sure that he's going to get "done" for something imminently.  I'm also sure that the Qatar World Cup will now not go ahead.

As for the 2018 World Cup, who knows? The Russian federation are almost certainly going to be found to be involved in voting shenanigans, but Putin will probably manage to ensure it goes ahead anyway.

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