Tuesday, 3 May 2016

SoC #1

This is not to be read by anybody, including me.  I'm going to just type stuff without reading it back and have no intention of ever reading it again in the future.

How long that will hold, I don't know.

So, pure random.  Choice at random.  First thing into head.

John Mann

What do we know about John Mann?

- He was born in 1960.
- He supports Leeds Utd.
- He is the Labour MP for Bassetlaw.

These things are known about John Mann; they are all facts within the public domain.

I wonder what other things - things not in the public domain - are known about John Mann?

[Edit @ 23/09/2016:  Now this is getting a bit mad again.  I think I was upset with him at the time, but even so.]