Friday, 5 June 2015

FIFA saga continues...

Is there no end to this?

This whole FIFA thing is getting like a game of one-upmanship in terms of who can be the most corrupt. Latest news is that the Irish FA accepted a bribe (apparently) directly from Sepp Blatter himself of 5 million Euros not to take FIFA to court over that play-off know the one, Thierry Henry clearly prevents an Irish goal with the palm of his hand and then goes on to score for France, hence putting them through to the finals etc. etc.

The head of the Irish FA (if it was he) was probably quite pragmatic to accept; they mightn't've won the penalty shoot-out that would have been the normal denouement to that play-off match anyway. They mightn't even have won the court case against FIFA had it gone ahead as Blatter would probably have found some way to corrupt that too.

Anyway, enough of this for now I think. When Blatter's actually arrested I'll probably get back into it but for the moment it's really only filling in blanks.

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