Wednesday, 17 June 2015

...and part 3

I forgot to mention...

...that Jeremy Corbyn, unlike the others, seems sincere and genuine and actually believes in what he's saying. I think some of the others just say what they think will get them the most votes, whether they believe it or not.

And he's refusing to slag off the other candidates. He wants to bring a mood of reconciliation to the debate and make it about ideas and policies rather than personalities and insults.

And I think the parliamentary Labour party may be quite shocked when they find out how much support Jeremy Corbyn has amongst the grassroots party membership. He'll not be popular with newer or more Blairite members, but if the party has managed to hold enough of its original, broadly "socialist" members, he might do a lot better than most people expect.

Finally, as a bizarre P.S., the papers are reporting that members of the Conservative Party are now joining the Labour Party in order to vote for Corbyn as a hilarious ruse! Presumably they, like much of the rest of the Labour side, think that electing Corbyn as leader would effectively end the Labour Party for good.

Fine, let them, the more the merrier. It proves that they are not afraid of a Corbyn leadership and I think that's a mistake. Granted, that's just my opinion, but from what I've seen, he wouldn't be afraid to denounce the PM and Chancellor's lies about the economy. And in general I think he'd make mincemeat of either of them on pretty much any subject.

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