Saturday, 30 May 2015

I suppose I just wanted a quiet life.

So, to continue from wherever I was last time,

I was earning more money than I could spend (well, within my very strictured conventions (I reckon I could be described as - to use the immortal words of The Great Leader - "prudent" - with money) but had no time to spend it. The whole thing just seemed pointless as an exercise.  I've no kids, it's not like I've people depending on me for money after I'm dead.  I'd sooner trade the money for the time.

OK, I did that in a pretty drastic way and still have no idea where it's going.

But at least that's exciting and I'm out of the rut.

Were I to act the pessimist I'd say "out of one rut and into another" but that's not yet been proved. At least I think I might be glimpsing that thing people call "fun" again, even if I'm not actually doing it right now.

This is going to be interesting to read back in a few years' time...

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