Saturday, 30 May 2015

Falling apart at the seams


...I think that I'm just out of step with the times. And sometimes I think I'm ahead of the times.  But then again, I'm not so sure of trusting anything I think anymore.

The last election is a good example, I think. Now, maybe my critical faculty is going but I read through the manifestos of both the Conservative and Labour parties and I could barely detect a difference.  Navy Blue vs Blue, say.  There was the odd difference, sure, but it was the same broad outline.

But all the media had it as "a real choice".  "A real difference". Labour are "anti-business"! Only the Conservatives know how to run the economy!  Labour won't let the NHS be privatised (let's ignore the PFI contracts that were set up under Labour for now)! The Tories will sell your granny's kidneys to rich oligarchs for spares! etc.

Were they right?  If Labour had been elected, would everything have changed?  Would anyone have really even noticed?

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