Monday, 10 October 2016


Klubbkören are an a capella (although often augmented with live bass, keyboards and percussion) vocal group/choir from Malmö in Sweden who I think deserve much more attention than they seem to get. I first discovered them a few years back, via their cover of Janelle Monae's "Tightrope" (one of my favourite songs from the last ten years or so). Everything they do is amazing. Here's Janelle's original, which is also amazing of course:

And here's Klubbkören's awesome version:

There's so much to love about it, from the bandleader's camp stylings, the super-cool bassist, the tightness of the whole thing and - most importantly - they all look to be having so much fun! I play it to cheer myself up quite often.

They've done some other awesome stuff too; here's their version of Pharrell's "Happy":

As good as - if not better - than the original, which I think's a damn good song in itself.

And their version of Nicki Minaj's "Bottoms Up" definitely improves on the original (in my not-so-humble opinion):

They do Little Dragon's "Little Man" too:

And Parliament's "I've Been Watching You":

They really "get" the spirit of the original; it's just superb.

And their version of the Commodores classic "Easy" is equally awesome, a really good rearrangement of the original:

They've done loads of other stuff too (many in Swedish, so possibly Swedish hits that I'm not familiar with), but these are the main well-known ones that I can bring to mind just now.  Their arrangements are just so good. Their very existence makes the world a better place, I think. I just wish they were more well-known. They deserve it.

But I always go back to their version of "Tightrope", so much so that here's another version:

Sufficed to say, I love Klubbkören! Search for them on Youtube for more Klubbkören goodness (tip - Klubbkören rather than Klubbkoren brings up more results).

Basically, I think they should do more. I want them to cover every song ever...I'd certainly give anything they do a listen.


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