Monday, 29 August 2016

Odd Songs #002: Shoes (Johnny & Louise)

I'm trying to find where this post has disappeared to... the meantime I can only link back to this page in a self-recursive loop.

I think I accidentally deleted the original, can't think of anything else.  I know it was there to begin with, but it's not there now...anyway, it was pretty much just about how much I love this song:

And then I had another version from Love Generation:

Actually, I think I'll just leave it that way now; you can get the other Youtube links (plus some more I missed at the time) from the Wikipedia page anyway, so all that's gone is my unique top-of-the-head can't-be-bothered-looking-things-up style and let's face it - that's no loss!

Although I'm not sure I'll ever get to use the phrase "Teutonic Pop Gods" in a sentence again.

Ah well, onward and upward!

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